HeMaCa Patented Filter
Invisible substances such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, heavy metals and chemical agents enter our body with every breath and accumulates over time, causing respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system disorders in the long term.
The patented HeMaCa filter was born to solve health problems; its patented composition combines the effectiveness of 3 filtering layers in a single element, trapping fine particles up to the smallest size (0.2 µm) and it’s the only one able to retain electrostatically charged metal particles.
Hepa filter H13
The HEPA H13 filter layer is highly effective at removing 99,97% of particles up to size of 0,3 μm and captures microscopic allergens, fine particles, pollen, viruses, bacteria and microbes. Several tests performed on the filter have certified the ability to prevent microbial contamination.
According to EN1822 standards
Magnetic layer 
With this intermediate layer the filter performes up to 50% more pollutants reduction than normal filters on the market. Thanks to the HeMaCa technology the filter is able to retain ultra-fine dust of heavy metals, free radicals ionized and electrostatically charged particles. This allows to retain the smallest ones up to the size of 0,2 μm, the most dangerous and difficult to trap. By exploiting their chemical / physical composition, they are retained by the filter regardless of their size.
Active carbons
The activated carbon layer allows to retain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), such as gases, formaldehyde vapors, benzene, nitrogen dioxide and neutralize odors. The carbons are produced by extrusion of mineral origin physically activated, and to prevent the proliferation of bacteria they are subjected to a localized antimicrobial treatment that makes it immune over time.
Tests and Awards from Research Institutes
Over the years the filter was subject to a complex research and development activity and has been tested by various laboratories which have confirmed its surprising effectiveness. This shows the importance and constant dedication we put into finding the best solutions to safeguard the most precious asset: our health.

Registered letter from the Ministry of Health

Higher Institute for Prevention and Safety at Work

CSA research institute group

Polytechnic of Turin

Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Siena

Five different independent testing campaigns were conducted on the filter between 2004 and 2019 from private and public laboratories such as the Polytechnic of Turin, CSA, ISPESL and the University of Siena. The analysis highlighted the filter’s ability to retain particles and fine dust up to the size of 0.2 µm, the ability to reduce the concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds, Aldehydes and Ozone, with abatement values ​​between 17% and 100% depending on of the compound, without causing pressure drops (eg increased energy consumption) when compared to other commercial filters.

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