Who is Filair?
Gloria fondatrice Filair
Air is a necessary value and it is everyone’s right to breathe clean air.

Filair is an innovative Start-up founded in 2017 by Gloria, Matteo and Davide, following a ten-years of research experience. The company was born with the aim of developing and offering solutions to the problem of indoor pollution and raising awareness and informing as many people as possible.

From that purpose comes HeMaCa, the innovative patented filter with 3 filtering layers; through its unique structure it allows us to purify the air by retaining pollutants invisible to our eyes which we inhale every day.

The effectiveness of the Hemaca filter has been tested by major research centers in Italy and abroad, which guarantee its superiority to the average of commercial filters.

ETERE is the solution: a product created specifically on the needs of daily life, to allow anyone to breathe healthier air in the environments where we spend more time.

Some information about us

Our latest speeches:

  • Aosta, conference on Environmental Sensitivity and Housing Comfort
  • University of Naples Federico II
Presentazione Etere e Filair
riunione di lavoro

Innovative start-up at The Hive in Ancona, certified incubator and accelerator.


loghi e certificazioni

Project funded under the POR MARCHE FESR 2014-2020 – Asse 1 – Azione 4.1 – “Support for the development and consolidation of start-ups with a high intensity of knowledge application – Bando 2016”

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